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holaaa !!! muy buen videojuego !!! , me transmitio bastante terror jajaja no sabia que esperarme al final de cada puerta jajaj , me encanto !!! tienes talentooo , sigue asi !!! le hice un gameplay a tu videojuego espero que te guste mucho : ) 

Enjoyed trying out this horror game!  I included this as part of a 3 scary games video.  The game starts at 17:00.

Eigentlich ein ganz nettes Spiel... Diese Mensch-Ärgere-Dich-Nicht-Figuren waren nicht sehr furchteinflösend und der Sound gegen Ende war etwas nervig. Aber für´s erste Spiel war es echt okay! 3/5

I was already so wound up from the first game that your game to me was horrifying!! 


POV: Bug Baker you think these 2 dollar animations are gonna scare ME... literally Seconds go by and I almost got jump scared off my stool  

YouTuber: FifthLeafKeizzy

Timestamp: 6:35

spooky or not like it

Did not expect this game to actually scare me lol good game

Nice little game with a spooky atmosphere.

Had a great time playing lol! looking forward to seeing you in future game jams!

this thing gives me bad vibes

I went. I'm sorry.

I have indefinitely folded going through these doors. 10/10 game.

This was really good! The sound and atmosphere was really well done and the build up to the actual scares were done really wel! good job! If you wanna see my playthrough here it is! 

A nice little horror experience! The only thing I would like to adress is that you should be able to interact with the game more :)


hi dad play Don't Go

hi mom play Don't Go

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Good game with good spooky experience, Good Job on making this game friend

sweet and short....i think the ending couldve been better but it was a great game overall

Let There Be Chaos indeed! I was pretty composed until the last minute of the game. That child's laugh crawled up my spine and made me want to find the biggest sledgehammer I could find and smash things for half an hour. I found the big headed figures to be more cute than scary, and I didn't at all understand what the last figure in the hallway was supposed to be, but I suppose one advantage of making a game centered around chaos is that even things that seem nonsensical can fit into the theme quite well. Keep up the good work and I look forward to seeing what else you come up with in the future, be it of a sensical or nonsensical nature:)

I didn't really like the fact that I couldn't use my mouse, but I got used to it! Very straight forward simple horror game! Not bad! 

3 Scary Games

Is The 2nd Game I play, Hope You Enjoy!!!

good job!!! 

Pretty basic little spooky hallway game, the sound of the baby near the end was more annoying than creepy imo, kind of ruined the experience for me, but over all it wasn't too bad, good work :)

Meh. For most of the playthrough nothing really scary happens.


That Was A Good Game. Not Scary But VERY CREEPY. Heres My YT Vid. Good Job. Check It Out!

W game I like it 🥰🥰🥰 


I was expecting a bit more chaos, but I enjoyed it! I even made you a gift (it's after the game ends).

The game looks ok. Is this the baby's last laugh?

As a game that is made in 6+ hours, it is not bad. The music and the slow pace style walking to the door is the one that made it. My only criticisms are the Lego-looking souls. Again, this is a good game.

WARNING: If you are not Kawhi Leonard, then this video will be funny, scary & lit. 

This game was a lot of fun!  I enjoyed the atmosphere, and highly recommend it for enjoying a quick horror experience.

Nice game, could use more events.

really not a bad game. reminds me of PT. keep up the good work! 

una M1erda uwu nya

Beat It, It was Good for an Hour Every Day

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